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Pharmalytical Services was founded by Gorkh Singh in 2017, to upsill and train clients in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech sectors, in Analytical and Separation Science.

Gorkh Singh has served in leadership roles in the Research & Development laboratories of AstraZeneca, Pfizer & Glaxo for 25 years. Also, with over 5 years experience working in the  CRO/CDMO sector with Sai Life Sciences, Biosynth Carbosynth and Patheon a division of Thermo Fisher.   

Throughout there has been a constant focus on delivering high quality science on Projects from Discovery phases (from Lead optimisation to Candidate Nomination) and in Development phases (across Phases I, II & III) as well as in Technology Transfers activities from Development to Manufacturing sites.

Gorkh works collaboratively with clients to enable and embed the use of novel technology platforms where this can be demonstrated to add value. e.g. Open Access (HPLC and CE) platforms and Chiral Separations screening technologies at Pfizer, the evaluation and adoption of the in-vitro gastro-intestinal TNO-TIM-1 model, micro-dissolution and automated dissolution strategies at AstraZeneca to understand formulation performance. Also, Gorkh was instrumental in the development of Automated  workflows and platforms to enable formulation screening in Discovery, and Accelerated Stability Assessment Studies (ASAP) for Drug Substance & Drug Product in Development within Astra Zeneca.


Pharmalytical is on a mission to provide a higher quality of Separation Sciences training to end-users in Pharma, Biotech & Academia sectors and partnering with instrument manufacturers to realise the potential that these technologies can deliver.

Case Example : Pharmalytical set-up and installed a Chromatography Software solution for a Bioanalytical CRO, and trained end users in how to use this product to GLP standards in line with the organisations SOPs.

Contact Pharmalytical Services at to discuss bespoke training session options in Analytical and Separation Science areas and to collaborate on clearly scoped out Work Packages.

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